elephant-300x300So, you’ve been thinking about Lasik for longer than you care to admit, and one of the only reasons why you haven’t done it yet is…fear?  Well guess what? You’re not alone; many people share this same emotion.  Even I had a little fear to overcome when I had my LASIK years ago (of course it wasn’t blade-free then)!

Let’s take a minute to breakdown some questions that can help eliminate those fears.

  1. I am afraid of pain during the procedure, does LASIK hurt?

The answer to this question, is NO.  I use anesthetic eye drops before and during the procedure, resulting in a completely painless experience. Patients often do feel a moderate amount of pressure sensation during surgery, but pain is not a normal part of the procedure.

I know patients are nervous when they come in on the day of their surgery; but fear not, I also provide medication prior to the procedure to help calm your nerves.

  1. OK, so there is no pain during the procedure, what about after?

After surgery, some patients may experience a gritty or sandy feeling in the eyes, some tearing and some light sensitivity, and small fluctuations in their vision, as well as halos around lights at night. These are all temporary and will improve.  What you can expect afterward is improved vision!  Most of my patients notice immediate improvement right after they step up off the table, but the visual recovery varies for each person.

       3. How do I know I have selected the best LASIK doctor?

I spend an extensive amount of time educating my patients in the pre-operative evaluation and helping them decide what refractive procedure, if any, is right for them.  There are many different options available for vision correction, and I want my patients to know they have choices.  I have been doing refractive surgery for a long time, and have performed thousands of LASIK cases; not to mention I am board certified and fellowship trained in refractive surgery.  I have extensive experience identifying and correcting complications that can occur with LASIK.  To ensure my patients are comfortable, I walk them through the procedure step by step, and answer any questions along the way.  I also perform all the pre and postoperative evaluations myself, because my patients’ outcomes are extremely important to me.

  1. What if I get scared during the procedure and accidentally blink or move my head?

This is actually a pretty common question, but again nothing to fear.  Your eye is actually held open with a small device so you can’t blink, and the eye drops I use help to relax the eye and reduce your urge to blink.   As for getting scared during the procedure, I try to keep that from happening.  I give detailed explanations every step of the way, so my patients always know what is going on.  I also have someone in my procedure room who is there to hold my patient’s hand through the entire process.

  1. I am afraid of going blind…

While I understand that many people have this fear, it isn’t realistic.  According to the FDA, there have been no reported cases of a patient going blind due to LASIK. In fact, according to industry studies, the risk of facing serious complications after the procedure is less than one percent, and the risk of suffering from less serious complications is only three percent.  You actually stand a higher chance of suffering vision loss from wearing contacts than you do from having LASIK surgery.

I hope this has helped to alleviate some or all of your fears.  However, I understand if you’re still a little nervous; that’s why it’s important to talk through everything.  As I mentioned I spend a significant amount of time with my patients before their surgery, and I will do the same for you!  The next step is to schedule your FREE consultation if you haven’t already done so.  I want to help you anyway I can, even if it’s just to discuss your options!

You can call my office at 828-304-6611 or schedule through the website, and Adair (My Refractive Director) will get you scheduled!

See you soon!!!

Dr. Trey Oursler