The year is almost over, do you have extra money in your flex spending account?  Did you know that you can use that toward a vision correction procedure?  22% of employees are unaware of their flex spending benefits, and that LASIK qualifies as a medical procedure.  Flex spending, also called FSA accounts, is a great ways to pay for elective and non-elective procedures pre-tax, and really why not; better to use it than lose it right?

“If you are thinking about using your FSA or HSA for LASIK, here are a few facts to consider:

  1.  If you choose to have LASIK, you can use your FSA or HSA dollars to help pay for the procedure. BUT the entire cost of the procedure, particularly using the most advanced technologies, may not be covered by your FSA or HSA fund.
  2. If your specific program provides a “grace period,” you may have a small window – between one and a few months at the beginning of the year – to combine any remaining FSA or HSA funds from the previous year with the FSA or HSA funds from the current year. This may help you pay for healthcare expenses – such as LASIK – in excess of the annual cap using your combined FSA or HSA funds.
  3. Married couples and families have a higher contribution limit ($6,750 with an HSA). This family contribution should cover the cost of LASIK using the most advanced technologies.”

Find the rest of this article at:  https://americanrefractivesurgerycouncil.org/a-popular-financing-option-for-lasik-flexible-spending-accounts/

Whether LASIK is for you or your spouse, make sure to take advantage of the money you have already set aside!  Call us at 828-304-6611 or request your FREE CONSULTATION on our website and enjoy the holidays without the hassle of glasses and contacts.

LASIK also makes an amazing gift idea!  You can pay ahead of time and give the gift of sight for Christmas!

Hope to see you real soon!  Happy Holidays!

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Dr. Trey Oursler